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CCPI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the Electronic Plans Room (EPR) / CCPI?

CATB’s electronic plans room (EPR) service known as CCPI provides around-the-clock, unlimited online access to hundreds of electronic construction project drawings, specifications and addenda at your convenience.

How much does this service cost?

CATB's electronic plans room service known as CCPI (ConstructConnect Project Intelligence) is available at no additional cost for CATB members.  It's one of your membership benefits.

Why is the Electronic Plans Room service known as CCPI better than other plans room service providers?

We are project aggregators, so unlike other providers, we don’t have just a portion of projects; we have all the projects that we know of, including plans & specifications. CCPI is not just an electronic plans room; it also includes Invitation to Bid (ITB) features, workflow management tools, and CRM-like tools to manage your pre-construction projects. We have a company database in addition to a project database, which is essential for your business development needs and to study your potential clients and competitors.

Other electronic plans room service providers often charge additional fees for access to certain projects in addition to your regular monthly or annual fees - we do not.

Members can “Watch” projects they are interested in and will automatically receive notifications of all updates to those projects without having to manually check for changes.

Our electronic plans room service CCPI allows you to keep track of who won a particular project; you can also export a project list or company list online.

Our project documents are broken down by CSI MasterFormat Divisions, so you can jump right to the portions of the documents that are relevant to you.

We report required CSI MasterFormat Divisions on each and every project, so you can filter down only to projects that require your trade.

How do I get access to construction plans and specifications hosted by CATB online?

Answer:  You will need a CCPI login to gain access to this information electronically.  If you haven't already been setup, you need to contact the CATB office.

I have a login but I forget my password, how do I reset my password.


  1. Visit

  2. Click “Login now!”

  3. Click “Don’t remember your password?”

  4. Enter your email address

  5. Click “Send email”

  6. Check your email and reset your password using the link provided. Please note that the reset link will be valid for 5 days from the time it was sent.

If you are still having trouble, you need to contact the CATB office.

I'm logged in, but I can't find the project I'm looking for.

Answer: Try the help option located by clicking on your name in the top right corner for more informaiton, or contact the CATB office for further assistance.

I have a project opportunity I want to post in through CATB.  How do I process that?

Answer: Nothing has changed in that regard.  You can send your project opportunities by sending them to our office any time.  If you have additional questions or need more information, please let us know.

I want to learn more about the additional ConstructConnect programs, like ConstructConnect Takeoff (CCTO) or ConstructConnect Bid Management (CCBM)

Answer: Please contact the CATB and we will provide you with additonal information as well as schedule a demo.

How will I know when NEW projects are available?

Once you set up your saved searches, you can enable customized emails sent to you every day notifying you about projects matching any search.

If you do not want to receive daily email notifications, simply update your settings by visiting the Settings and Privacy menu item by clicking your name in the top right hand corner of CCPI when you’re logged in.

What are the technical requirements to use CCPI?

Supported browsers and tablets

The following browsers on Windows® platforms are compatible with the modules of the ConstructConnect Platform:

Google Chrome™ - version 30 and higher
Mozilla Firefox® - version 25 and higher
Microsoft® Edge®

For tablets:
Apple® iPad® iOS 8.0 and higher - Safari®
All other tablets that are compatible with any of the above browsers.

Enabling cookies
You must have your browser set to accept cookies from the following address:

Disabling popup blockers
Browser-specific or add-on popup blocker software may prevent certain features of the ConstructConnect Platform from functioning correctly. You may need to disable any popup blocker software on your browser to access these features.