Construction Association
of Thunder Bay
Construction Association of Thunder Bay


Thank you for your interest in joining the Construction Association of Thunder Bay!

If you’re considering becoming a member of the Construction Association of Thunder Bay, you might be wondering how it will benefit your business.
We want you to gain value in ways that matter to your business — and more importantly, will help it grow.


Regular Membership

Regular Member consists of a General Contractor (GC), Trade Contractor (TC) or Manufactuer/Supplier (MS) and is a person, firm or corporation, other than trade unions, which, upon application or recommendation, has been accepted as a regular member. Such person, firm or corporation must be actively engaged in general contracting, trade contracting, or the manufacturing of equipment or materials for use on the construction site.

Associate Membership

An Associate Member is an Allied Professional (AP) which is a person, firm, corporation, other than trade unions and which actively provide services to the construction industry but not the construction site.  This includes, but not limited to, lawyers, chartered professional    accountants, bonding and   insurance firms, human resource firms, benefit providers, arbitrators, mediators.

Design Professional Membership

Design Professional Member, also known as AE, is a person, firm or corporation, other than trade unions, which, upon application or recommendation has been accepted into the Design Professional Category, has a professional design designation in and is actively practicing professionally in a profession recognized by the Association. Included but not limited to Architects, Licensed Interior Designers, Consulting Engineers, Specification Writers and Quantity Surveyors.


ALLIED PROFESSIONALS                        $520.00 + HST


GENERAL CONTRACTOR                      $1,100.00 + HST
TRADE CONTRACTOR                           $1,100.00 + HST

MANUFACTURER/SUPPLIER                 $1,100.00 + HST

CATB Membership Year runs December 1 - November 30 and is billed accordingly.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard, American Express
Please contact the office to arrangement payment upon approval.


Please complete this form online (fill in the blanks in the PDF) and EMAIL it to OR download, print and complete it. 
The application can be submitted by email or drop it off to our offices.

Here’s why a membership at the Construction Association of Thunder Bay is worth MORE than the Annual Membership Fee per year:

Municipal and Provincial Government Advocacy


The CATB is connected with municipal and provincial government in the Northwestern Ontario region. We develop and maintain positive relationships with senior officials and key decision makers in the region, and then we leverage these relationships for strategic policy development and advocacy for ICI construction employers.  As a Member of the CATB, you also become a member of the Construction Association of Canada (CCA), the Council of Ontario Constructions Associations (COCA) and with a voice for the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.  This is time consuming, but is incredibly valuable. A government relations consultant or firm in our region would charge $5,000 a month or more as a retainer to do this type of advocacy. 

Access to Electronic Plan Room: ConstructConnect

$1,700+ (1 region only)

ConstructConnect provides your business with access to construction opportunities and gives you the tools to estimate and bid on tenders accurately and efficiently. The easy-to-use online format translates into faster turnaround times, reduced print costs, and increased efficiencies that will help to build your business. There is no need for multiple subscriptions to other sites such as Bids & Tenders or Merx. ConstructConnect is the aggregator for tenders in Northwestern Ontario. As an Electronic Plans Room (EPR) member, you will have 24/7 access to all projects across the region and if you want to expand your plan, the Province of Ontario (available upon request for an additional fee). 

Safety Training, Seminars and Online Courses


We are committed to offering our members opportunities for career development, skill enhancement and safety training. Our association utilizes the resources of organizations that are affiliated with the construction industry in order to provide members with the best learning resources for our unique industry. The CATB board room doubles as a training room which includes all of the necessary equipment to learn in a private, comfortable atmosphere. Now consider the cost your business would have to pay if you were to hire an instructor to facilitate these courses or the cost to send your employees for training at an educational institution or government agency. 

Networking Events


We regularly host networking events including lunch and learns, The Big Pour event, sports tournaments and more. Aside from being fun, these events give you the opportunity to meet with the CATB board and other members, share ideas, and in some cases, start collaborating on current or future projects. We love hearing stories from members who attended one of these events and walked away with a new project!

Tools to Help You Do Business


Our members become part of our organization and have access to tools to help do business. We can print and scan large format drawings, we offer an affidavit service for those who require a signature of a commissioner of oaths (this can replace requiring a Lawyer to sign them), we have a boardroom that members can use for meetings or staff training (upon prior authorization), a member directory, safety products including stickers, posters, OHSA Green books and more.

Discounts on CCA/CCDC Documents


As a Member of the CATB, you also become a member of the Construction Association of Canada (CCA) and the Council of Ontario Constructions Associations (COCA).  We offer a number of contract documents and publications including CCA and CCDC to help best serve our association members. Some documents are available for immediate electronic download and others are shipped by mail. These documents are significantly discounted for our members.

Affinity Program


We’ve arranged special discounts with several organizations in the region exclusively for our members. Restaurants, Retail Businesses, Auto Dealership & Car Care, Office Supplier, Fuel, Gym, Computer Services, Hotels, Marketing Services and more.