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Established in 1949, the Construction Association of Thunder Bay (CATB) has serviced the construction industry in Northwestern Ontario for over half a century. With a specific focus on the ICI (industrial/commercial/institutional) sector of the construction industry. CATB provides a broad range of services and programs to its members.

The Construction Industry

The construction industry includes everyone who contributes to the building process, from project conception to the building management, maintenance and renovation. Construction is the second largest industry in the province of Ontario.

It encompasses the suppliers of products, service and labour in the construction of industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential building. The industry also includes a supporting network of distributors, financial institutions, educators, industry associations, exporters, importers, regulatory agencies, buyers of construction, consultants, allied professions and government.

Today’s construction business has become a complex, multi-faceted industry and a dynamic force in our Canadian society. That’s why no single employer can be expected to stay on top of all the issues and concerns necessary to ensure a healthy, thriving business in today’s competitive marketplace. 

The Facts

The Construction Industry of Ontario

  • A Huge Industry – Out of the goods producing industries, construction ranked second to manufacturing and is larger than industries like tourism, agriculture and auto making.
  • A Large Employer – construction employments reached roughly 6 percent out of the provincial workforce
  • Job Creator – Every $1 million invested in construction produces more than 25 jobs directly and indirectly.
  • Powerful Economic Force 
  • Outstanding Safety Record – For many years now, the lost-time injury frequency in construction continues to drop. It has dropped to a point where Ontario is amongst one of the best records in the world.
  • Environmental Leadership – The construction industry has been at the forefront of activities to clean and maintain the environment.
  • Innovators – Contractors worldwide are constantly seeking information on techniques and procedures pioneered by Canadians.

Members have come to rely on the services of CATB to assist them in their business needs. Whether arbitrating a contract dispute or offering advice on marketing your products locally, regionally and internationally, CATB exists to serve you. Whether you are interested in CATB’s advanced Plans Room service, or need a document notarized at a minute’s notice, CATB is ready to help you. Our many services are designed to meet the needs of the construction industry in Northwerstern Ontario.