Construction Association
of Thunder Bay
Construction Association of Thunder Bay


The Membership of the Construction Association of Thunder Bay is a diverse group of businesses that do related work to the Construction Industry within Northwestern Ontario.  We encourage networking from business to business and participation in training, seminars and more.

Looking to get some construction work completed?  We highly recommend that you contact at least 3 contractors for project quotes to help you find the best contractor to meet your budget, timeline and expertise required.

Project Listing Service

  • Daily Publication of a List of Projects out for Tender in North Western Ontario, complete with Addendum listings
  • CATB staff review leads for projects out for tender from many locations, local Architects and Engineers, City purchasing, City engineering, North Western Ontario municipalities and towns, MERX, MTO, Ontario Realty Corporation, Public Works Canada, Defence Canada, Canada Customs, Ontario Clean Water Agency etc. Many of these are on a daily basis in an effort to keep our plans listings up to date.
  • This daily publication is delivered to you by email to the subscribed members of each company
  • Daily Commercial News Available at the CATB office for review, which includes substantial completion notices.

Virtual Plans Room

  • Complete internet listing of projects out for tender
  • Downloading and Viewing of tender documents for projects out for tender.
  • Complete addendum viewing on line within minutes of being received from tender calling authority

Commissioner Services

  • Commissioning of Statutory declarations for progress payment and Fairness is a Two Way Street etc.

Document Sales

  • CCDC standard Document
  • Construction Lien Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Various publications of other Associations ie: OGCA’s Guide to Construction Lien Act
  • Construction Safety Association of Ontario Documents
  • Most documents are in stock and available for pick up or mail out
  • If we don’t have it we will find it for you.

Other Services

  • Regular Newsletters, containing up to date, construction related information on regulations, safety requirements, training courses, etc.
  • Advertising Possibilities and Industry Promotion
  • Membership Directory, published yearly in Digital PDF format in which you have a membership roster and divisional listings. It also provides the opportunity for advertising within the pages to most construction purchasers in Northwestern Ontario.
  • Construction Northwest Magazine, published Once a year in which members are given the opportunity to highlight projects they have completed and every year one firm is given the opportunity to highlight its history, accomplishment etc. Advertising is also available in the magazine which is distributed to Construction Purchasers throughout the Northwest.
  • Blueprint Copying, Plotting, Specification Copying.
  • Copies of portions or all tender documents are available in short order, by phone call, fax, email or in person. Most copies can be made while you wait.
  • Scanning of documents, blueprints to most file formats.
  • Project drawings can be emailed upon request
  • Community and Business to Business Networking events a few times per year
  • Member Savings AFFINITY Discount program is available for our members and their employees.  Great discounts are offered to local, regional and national companies.


CCA Membership

As a member of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA), we gain access to:

  • Federal government lobbying and information on federal legislation that impacts you
  • CCDC standard documents and CCA guides, policy statements, and standard industry practices
  • Industry education and participation in the decision making process that sets industry standard practices
  • National awards recognition

We then share these important resources and services with our membership.

Why is it important to be a member of the CCA and the CATB?

There is strength in numbers and the Canadian Construction Association offers our 20,000+ members a voice – national in scope – on issues impacting the future of the Canadian construction industry.

By joining CCA you are supporting:

  • The development of policies, statements, standard documents, education and guidelines that advance the industry.
  • A platform where members can provide our nation’s leaders with advice on issues that affect owners, contractors, workers and Canadians.

Efforts to keep the industry informed and connected — information that will help you make the best decisions for your business.

COCA Membership

As a member of the Council of Ontario Construction Associations (COCA), we gain access to:  Receive direct information on provincial affairs affecting you and your business through a membership with the Council of Ontario Construction Associations. In addition, the CATB will lobby on your business’ behalf to ensure your concerns are being voiced at Queens Park.