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CCDC 41 – Insurance Requirements

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CCDC 2 – 2020 Stipulated Price Contract

What is the document?

CCDC 2 – Stipulated Price Contract is the industry standard prime contract between Owner and prime Contractor. This contract establishes a single, pre-determined fixed price, or lump sum, for the project.

The contract outlines the high-level administrative requirements and procedures needed for construction projects, including the role and authority of the consultant, procedures for changes in the work, work by other contractors, insurance requirements, prerequisites for Ready-for-Takeover, dispute resolution procedures, early occupancy by the Owner, and more.

Operating on the basis of a stipulated price, the CCDC 2 assumes monthly progress payments and makes reference to provincial payment legislations where applicable.

The CCDC 2 contains the following sections:

  • Agreement Between Owner and Contractor
  • Definitions
  • General Conditions
    • General Provisions
    • Administration of the Contract
    • Execution of the Work
    • Allowances
    • Payment
    • Changes in the Work
    • Default Notice
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Protection of Persons and Property
    • Governing Regulations
    • Insurance
    • Owner Takeover
    • Indemnification and Waiver

Users of the CCDC 2 should also acquaint themselves with the CCDC Master Specification for Division 01 ‘General Requirements’ as a companion document.

Master Specification for Division 01 – 2020 General Requirements

CCDC Division 01 provides a series of editable specification templates covering the project specific requirements. This document was developed based on the CCDC 2 ‘Stipulated Price Contract’, but with proper editing it can easily be used with other contracts .

Spec notes are provided to explain the intended use of each section, assist the editing process, and indicate when coordination is required. Microsoft Word format is available to provide maximum editing flexibility.

CCDC Division 01 is organized according to Master Format section numbers and names:

     01 11 00 Summary of Work

     01 11 20 Contract Assignment

     01 11 22 Assignable Contracts

     01 14 00 Work Restrictions

     01 21 00 Allowances

     01 25 00 Substitution Procedures

     01 26 00 Contract Modification Procedures

     01 29 00 Payment Procedures

     01 31 19 Project Meetings

     01 32 00 Construction Progress Documentation

     01 33 00 Submittal Procedures

     01 35 00 Special Procedures

     01 40 00 Quality Requirements

     01 51 00 Temporary Utilities

     01 52 00 Construction Facilities

     01 56 00 Temporary Barriers and Enclosures

     01 57 00 Temporary Controls

     01 61 00 Common Product Requirements

     01 71 00 Examination and Preparation

     01 73 00 Execution

     01 73 29 Cutting and Patching

     01 74 00 Cleaning and Waste Management

     01 78 00 Closeout Submittals

     01 79 00 Demonstration and Training

     01 91 13 General Commissioning Requirements

CCDC 31 – 2020 Service Contract Between Owner and Consultant

CCDC 31 – Service Contract Between Owner and Consultant is a standard service contract for use between Owner and consulting engineer. Originally adapted from the ACEC 31 at the request of ACEC, the document was updated in line with the existing CCDC principles and terminology, consistent with the CCDC 2.

This contract allows for a variety of types of remuneration, including the use of fixed fees, fees based on the value of the Work, fees based on time-based rates, or any combination therein.

The CCDC 31 clearly outlines the scope of the Consultant’s Professional Services with Schedule A, which allows users to select the specific duties of the Consultant for the project.

Also contained within the CCDC 31 are provisions addressing the roles and responsibilities of both parties, insurance requirements, dispute resolution, and more.

The CCDC 31 contains the following sections:

  • Agreement Between Owner and Consultant
  • Definitions
  • General Conditions
    • General Provisions
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Executing Professional Services
    • Payment
    • Governing Principles
    • Insurance and Liability
    • Dispute Resolution
  • Schedules
    • Consultant’s Scope of Professional Services
    • Reimbursable Expenses
    • Time-Based Rates for Personnel Employed by the Consultant