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    Return to Work Plans

    Research in what helps the return to work process strongly indicates that good communication through the return to work process is essential. Any confusion or misunderstanding of any part of the process has the potential to create barriers to Return to Work (RTW) as well as create unnecessary delays.

    Best practices in return to work suggest that a highly effective communication tool is a return to work plan. Creating an individualized RTW plan is a good way to ensure that each workplace party has a shared understanding of what is going to happen, and what to expect of the process.

    Who develops the return to work plan?
    You and your worker develop the plan together, taking into consideration medical and functional ability information of the health provider. The WSIB can provide assistance when required and appropriate to support the worker’s early and safe return to work.

    View samples of return to work plans (130k, pdf) that you can use as a guide the next time you plan for a return to work.

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